how to play

  1. ​​On the home screen of  scroll down to the magazine cover and click. Or go to the DARE MAGAZINE tab.

  2. Read each segment. 

  3. As you read, complete challenges by clicking on their icon links.

  4. After submitting your DARE challenge, it may take up  to 72 hours for a CoYOUnity Peer to grade your work. Once your work is approved, you will know because CoYOUnity will comment APPROVED on your submission, and your account will be credited with your earned points.

  5. If you win the race to a prize, redeem in the DARE store.

  6. Feel DOPE. YOU did this. Be proud. 


  • You MUST be a member

  • You must memorize your RMR's and submit via video with YOUR EYES CLOSED (so we know you aren't reading it and actually memorized the term).

  • You MUST submit your DARE challenges with a corresponding text. For example: If you submit a video of you reciting the definition for the word empathy, you must also type the text of the definition for the word empathy as well, or you will not be credited points.

  • You MUST submit challenge questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

  • You can comment and can even be honest without being RUDE. DO NOT BE RUDE! Doing so will get you excluded. You will receive 3 warnings, before being excluded. Example of an honest comment that isn't rude: "I don't really like that" or "I wouldn't do that."

  • Do not be VULGAR! We block many words, but DO NOT create alternatives. For example: Do not use #&*^ in place of a curse word. You will receive 3 warnings before being excluded. 

  • Prizes are FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Once points are credited to your account, you can use them to buy DARE prizes. Even if you win the points first, but don't redeem your prize, you DID NOT WIN that prize. This game is all about taking action.

  • You can roll over your points to the next month's challenge.

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