DARE by CoYOUnity is a digital magazine subscription

for youth ages 8-13. It consists of interviews conducted by students, with cool and influential people in our society. It covers a broad range of topics from entrepreneurship to disabilities and foster care. 

DARE by CoYOUnity magazine is an educational race and competition. Students aim to earn limited points in a race for REAL prizes, such as Vbucks, Robux, Minecoins, Giftcards, electronics, clothing, concert tickets, and MORE!

DARE by CoYOUnity was developed in 2019, but is based from its Parent Organization, CoYOUnity, which started in 2014 and to date has served over 10,000 students, rewarded over $75k in prizes, and created dozens of educational and skill building challenges. Our main focus is promotion of literacy and equitable engagement of students in regards to their own learning experience. 

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